Setting up Oracle 11g in Windows

A short simple guide to set up oracle database 11g on your windows system.

1. Downloading Oracle 11g express

Go to this page to get download links

Choose x64 if you have 64bit system or x32 for 32bit system. If you are not sure just select x32 one.

You will be required to signup and login to download this Signin

and on completing the signup and login, your download will start. download_Start

2. Installing Oracle 11g

An obvious step is to extract the downloaded zip Extracting files

What’s next start with double-clicking setup.exe :D

You will be asked for a password. You can put any password you want here but for now I’m putting “root” as password

Entering Password

Now complete setup process and that’s all in installation.

3. Using Oracle 11g

Go to your start menu and search for “SQL” you will see something “Run SQL Command Line”. Open it.

Oracle 11g CLI

Now how to connect ? Simple!

You can directly use “Sysdba” user or if you want you can use it to create more users.

Here’s how you can login using sysdba user


Now after this you can directly use SQL commands or if you prefer, create new user to use.

SQL Command Line Usage

This post is inspired from the questions of my batchmates so major credits goes to them